Bon Chef

At Bon Chef, we consider it our personal mission to offer a complete range of choices for presenting everything. From your signature culinary masterpiece to your bread and butter dishes, with style and efficiency! Bon Chef, Inc. has been dedicated to manufacturing and supplying the most durable products available to the food service industry since 1972. Buffet display items, chafers, urns, flatware. In addition to beautifully handcrafted millwork, mobile and stationary buffet units.


If you are looking for a “flaw-less presentation”, then browse our products in any of the 22 different collections. Dozens of handpicked items designed for full presentations with consistent materials available in each collection, and in every one of 36 different categories (i.e., beverage dispensers, chafers and alternatives, case and displays, sneeze-guards, trays and covers, platters, bowls and boards).

D.W. Haber

D.W. Haber is proud to announce its partnership with world leading tabletop manufacturer & supplier, Steelite International. Through joining Steelite we’ve established an exciting opportunity to bring D.W. Haber and its products to the global market. It is a perfect combination of like-minded product development teams to consistently create unique, reliable foodservice equipment with a focus on durability, style and functionality unsurpassed in the industry.

Front of the House

FOH® (Front of the House®) has become the hospitality industry’s authority on tabletop and presentation trends. We have perfected the recipe of designing and manufacturing smart, savvy, commercial-grade serving solutions that are easy on your bottom line. By injecting the trade with all-encompassing dinnerware, buffetware and serveware collections, we’ll make YOUR front of the house stand above the rest.

Maywood Furniture Corp.

Banquet, conference and display folding tables.  Storage solutions and mobile transport.


Our Modular System line is composed of linen-less buffet tables and shelves that fit each other seamlessly, functioning as building blocks to the Mogogo System. The Roll’n Service Cart collection starts with a core element. It’s an elegant and functional cart with high-density BHP panels, heavy-duty casters, and a slick leather covered handle for easier and more comfortable navigation. CliX Tables redefine aesthetic and functional standards in the realm of F&B catering. PoLo Tables are lightweight and extremely versatile, designed using our unique Modular System. Available in Round, Square, or Oval Tabletop shapes, they offer a wide variety of combinations. And, all Mogogo systems are available in different colors and finishes.

Introducing: V-Shield Breath Guards. Create an inviting, yet safe foodservice display with Mogogo’s Breath Guards. Designed specifically for safety while ensuring function, quality and aesthetics, these self-service breath guards are perfectly sized to protect the food

Steelite International

From metal to glass, and porcelain to melamine, Steelite International offers a wide variety of items to suit your buffet needs. An increasingly trending dining experience, buffet requires product that is versatile and elegant while retaining practicality. Offers from Steelite and our partners provide items which will maximize this opportunity and help create dynamic displays, as well as offering exciting new twists on classic lines. An incredibly diverse product mix from D.W. Haber and Kenny Mack Designs are exciting compliments to Steelite’s buffet offering.