Middle of Nowhere, Here I Come!

Mar 20, 2021 | News

Due to the nature of the current pandemic, it is no surprise that our customers are beginning to uproot their events in cities to head out to well… North, South, East, AND West. With densely populated areas, we tend to see upward trends in COVID-19 cases, leading to a lack in group gatherings.  Closing social activities has led to a depressed nation and pushed the public into a new line of creative thinking. Where smaller, more rural facilities used to be a drag to drive out to, they have now become the holy grail of new-found freedom – and people are flocking to them.

Some of the rural areas in Texas offer amenities that cities do not have the space for.  Because of this, events have become more appealing to a wider audience.  Where convenience and versatility used to be the most sought-after types of locations for events, locations with scenic views, diverse heritage, and unique rural culture are now budding in popularity.  Wimberly is a great example of a charming small town where visitors can adventure around Blue Hole Regional Park, Jakob’s Well, or Devils Back Bone and then head to an event at the Wimberly Valley Winery or plethora of local art galleries after their excursions. Another rural area that has gained a lot of attention for events has been New Braunfels. This town located between Austin and San Antonio, boasts the famous Guadalupe River.  Running directly through town, this river offers many spaces to host scenic outdoor events. In addition to its German heritage, New Braunfels is filled with live music, shops, and restaurants. This is an ideal area for event guests to feel more spaced out in nature than in its city counterpart. In addition to unique small towns, we are seeing events being staged at resorts and barns all over the Texas countryside since the onset of COVID-19 social distancing regulations.  With solutions like Cal-Mil’s Midnight 3-Tier and Porcelain Risers, or Front of the House’s Copper Linked Risers for a more rustic look, guests are able to feel comfortable with spaced out food displays at these events. It seems people are becoming accustomed to their “new norm” and it will be interesting to see if it remains once restrictions are lifted.

All-in-all, COVID times have changed the landscape for Texans event habits, but perhaps for a more organic social setting. With it being less likely to transmit the virus in areas with lower populations, these areas are prospering with high demand. Having the ability to hold larger audiences with social distance protocols in place, a great deal of resorts and event space is being booked out through next year. Having only a 45 minute to couple hour drive basically to the middle of nowhere, Texans are choosing rural destinations overstaying at home and it has helped strengthen the economy of the state tremendously.  So from the staff at Preferred Source, we say consider your rural destination options when planning your next social gathering and stay safe out there, folks!