Anchor Hocking

Anchor Hocking is a leading designer, marketer and manufacturer of a comprehensive portfolio of quality drinkware, barware, jars, storage containers, serveware and more. With a focus on innovation and quality, the Anchor Hocking foodservice portfolio boasts products that are functional, yet beautiful. The glass is made tough to last in the foodservice industry, but also aesthetically pleasing to enhance the dining experience for guests.

Anchor Hocking is excited to introduce a new Brand to the Anchor Hocking portfolio called Saporus (Definition of Saporous: of, relating to, or capable of exciting the sensation of taste: having flavor: agreeable in taste). The Saporus Collections will be geared toward upscale dining and hospitality. Our 1st new Collection under the Saporus Brand will be our entry into Crystalline stemware called Karen McNeill Flavor First Stemware. Please watch Karen’s video…

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Anchor Hocking Foodservice Collections 2022
Karen Macneil Saporus by Anchor Hocking

Steelite International

From classic cocktails to rare vintages and perfectly poured craft beers, Steelite’s extensive portfolio of glassware not only highlights what’s being served but also complements it with graceful artistic detail. Made to last, each glass in every collection beautifully withstands service over time. With stemware, tumblers, beer glasses and iconic food storage jars gracing tables around the world.

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