Bon Chef

The TOUCHLESS AEROGLOVE DISPENSING UNIT is the safest way to protect your diners
and servers from contact-contamination. The “air like” dispenser expands the glove as your guests hand motions over the unit. Then, once the glove is expanded guests/patrons or even servers simply slide their hands into their own glove and carry on to enjoy their buffet or dining experience! The Gloves offered are Biodegradable & Poly so there is no contami- nation. These can be used individually or over latex gloves, whatever is preferred. An anti- microbial addition to the plastic housing of the dispenser keeps things even more sterile.

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Front of the House

Eco-smart, eco-chic, and eco-nomical serving solutions made from highly renewable woods & paper; Servewise® disposables are the earth-friendly single-use plateware that you can feel good about. Reduce plastic pollution with this biodegradable alternative. Our Long Lasting Paper Straws naturally breakdown over time, making them safe for the environment and marine life. Also, our straws are BPA free, unlike plastic straws. FOH® has your small bite, appetizer, and buffet needs covered. Choose from a wide variety of picks, spoons, mini forks, tongs, and more.

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At Hollowick we are dedicated to providing reliable, fine quality products that enhance the dining experience. Our high performance lighting and heating products are designed specifically for demanding food service use. We proudly manufacture and stock our liquid candle and chafing fuel items in Central New York State, our home and headquarters since 1971.

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